Nothing quite prepares the traveller for Ethiopia’s breathtaking beauty, remarkable ancient history, rich culture, and sheer diversity of people. From the rugged Simien Mountains to dramatic desert landscapes and lush countryside. Ethiopia was the only country in Africa never colonised and the lack of outside influence gives visitors an insight into an old and original Africa. It was here the first humans roamed and today the rich tribal culture and strong Coptic Christian beliefs offer an amazing contrast. We visit the most important sites including Lalibela and its 12th century rock-cut Christian churches, and Axum, the ruins of an ancient city with obelisks, tombs, castles, and Our Lady Mary of Zion church.


Attend the Meskel festival in Ethiopia Ethiopia is renowned for its colourful festivals and Meskel is one of the major highlights of the year. Witness people dancing and singing around bonfires in Meskel Square, Addis Ababa.

Visit the Mursi Tribe Living in one of the most isolated regions of Ethiopia, the Mursi people in the beautiful Omo Valley are one of the most fascinating tribes in Africa. Still wearing brightly coloured traditional dress, they are best known for the clay plates that women start wearing in their lips from their late teens.

The Dallol Depression Numerous sulphur springs, volcanoes, geysers, acidic pools, vast salt pans, and colourful mineral-laden lakes dot this alien-looking landscape.


• Visit the Simien Mountains – a vast cauldron of deep ravines and gorges, towering pinnacles and rock spires, and fascinating wildlife found nowhere else on Earth

• Admire the impressive castles at Gondar

• Travel back to biblical times at Axum and learn the history of the Queen of Sheba

• Walk through the incredible rock-hewn churches of Lalibela – carved out of solid rock by hand

• Walk on the salt pans of the Dallol Depression

• Visit some of the most traditional tribes in Africa with their striking decorations

. Harer and Bale mountains

Ras Abye’s professionalism, punctuality in responding to requests and communication skills has allowed him to act  confidently as a tour guide, developing strong relationships with both clients and local communities.
Gifted with an outgoing and friendly personality and a vast knowledge of Ethiopia’s history, geography and all area’s off the beaten track Ras Abye is the ultimate adventurer with abilities to organize tasks effectively. His admirable resourcefulness combined with his excellent leadership and problem solving abilities makes him goal driven and dedicated towards his  deep passion for nature and environmental causes.

Ras Abye is motivated to continuously improve not only his presentation skills but the tour business process in which he takes part. His knowledge and enthusiasm is of the very highest standard.
In his current role as a Master Tour guide and expert Ras Abye has received positive feedback for his enthusiasm and vast knowledge of local topics from customers and colleagues alike.

Ras Abye’s attention to details and his ability to assess and manage risk has enabled him to avoid incidents and keep visitors happy and engaged. Ras Abye is always ready to serve the needs and extra wishes of the traveler always providing valuable insight information.
Through his friendly and service orientated manner, Ras Abye will contribute to the great success of your visit with long lasting, unforgettable and very positive memories of Ethiopia.